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Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a booking for today or tomorrow.

Your group can only consist of a maximum of six people. Is your group larger than that? Then you can divide your group into two teams, and you can play The Bar in two groups.

If there is more than one group, there will be a window of 90 minutes between the start of games. The group that is not playing can wait at a bar or on one of the terraces in the neighborhood.

The experience itself is our highest priority. If your group is over six people, The Bar will be too crowded, which will not benefit your experience. This is why a group can only consist of 6 people maximum – unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions.

In total, the game will take up to 2.5 hours when playing with a maximum of 6 people. In case there are two teams, about 75 minutes will be added.

The prices are listed as follows:

2-6 persons € 125,00 (1 group)
7-12 persons € 225,00 (2 groups)